King Island Dairy Cheese Pre-Order Form

The King Island Dairy is an icon of King Island. If you love quality cheese you will not want to miss out while you are here.
To make it easy for you to enjoy our cheeses either while you are here or to take with you on departure, we have a cheese pre-order form.

*Prices are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change. You will be charged on departure.

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    White Mould Cheese
    Camembert 1kg - ($21.40)Camembert 200g - ($4.40)Cape Wickham Brie 1kg ($20.10)Cape Wickham Brie 200g - ($5.20)Discovery Ash Brie 175g - ($7.10)Black Label Double Brie 1kg - ($34.40)Stormy 500g - ($19.00)Seal Bay Triple Cream 175g - ($4.30)Seal Bay Triple Cream - ($25.30)Black Label Huxley Washed Rind - ($9.40)Furneaux Double Cream - ($36.00)

    Cheddar Cheese
    Surprise Bay Cheddar 170g - ($5.50)Surprise Bay Cheddar, approx 2.9kg - ($17.90/kg)Smoked Cheddar 170g - ($5.00)Smoked Cheddar, approx 2.9kg - ($14.00/kg)Black Label Cloth Cheddar 1.2kg - ($22.00)

    Blue Cheese
    Discovery Ash Blue 175g - ($7.20)Lighthouse Blue Brie 200g - ($5.10)Roaring 40's Blue 200g - ($8.70)Bass Strait Blue 1kg - ($39.00/kg)

    Classic Crackers 100g - ($2.50)Pepper Crackers 100g - ($2.50)Poppy Seed Crackers 100g - ($2.50)Sun-Dried Tomato Crackers 100g - ($2.50)

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